¬†Africa’s Dangerous Destinations


Africa is a continent of many different countries, cultures and experiences. One might think that Africa is a safe place to visit but there are some destinations on the continent which can be dangerous for travellers. In this blog post we will discuss Dangerous Destinations For Travel In Africa.

Central African Republic – The CAR is one of the most dangerous countries in Africa. It has been ravaged by civil war for over a decade, and due to low levels of literacy many people are uneducated about Ebola or other diseases which could be deadly if left untreated.

Mali – Over two thousand French troops remain stationed in Mali because it remains at risk from terrorist attacks. Militant groups like Al Qaeda have become more active across West African border towns like Timbuktu where they pose threats to travelers wishing to visit historical sites such as ancient mosques built between the 12th and 16th centuries.

Democratic Republic Of The Congo (DRC) – Even before the Second Congo War began almost 20 years ago, locals were hostile towards because there was widespread belief that foreigners were responsible for the nation’s downfall during the First Congo War in 1996. Nowadays, speaking about politics or other sensitive issues can make you a target of armed groups like militias and rebel forces who remain active throughout DRC, especially in Goma where they control many businesses including bars which are frequented by foreigners.

Northern Mali – Dangerous Destinations For Travel In Africa also include northern Mali because it remains under the influence of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations such as Ansar Dine since 2012 so there is a high risk that travelers will be caught up in violent clashes between these groups and Malian military authorities.

Somalia – Somalia has been unstable since warlords overthrew President Siad Barre back in 1991 but following US intervention against Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in 2006, an Islamist insurgency was established which continues to threaten the lives of foreigners. One example of Dangerous Destinations For Travel In Africa is Puntland because it has fortified itself against Al-Shabaab rebels who are active throughout Somalia and carry out attacks including suicide bombings.

Nigeria – Dangerous Destinations For Travel In Africa also include Nigeria where Boko Haram militants launched a fresh round of violence at the end of 2014 after President Goodluck Jonathan imposed a state of emergency on three northern states including Yobe, Borno and Adamawa due to insurgent activity by this group across the region.

Libya – Dangerous Destinations For Travel In Africa also include Libya because of the deteriorating security situation which has sparked fears that Westerners will become targets for hostage takers. Since 2011, violence between rival militias vying for control has continued to escalate across Tripoli and other major cities making it difficult for authorities to contain lawlessness resulting in an increase of kidnappings, including several cases involving foreigners who were executed by IS militants after being taken captive near Sabratha.

Niger – Dangerous Destinations For Travel In Africa also include Niger where there is a high risk from terrorism due to Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, AQIM and MUJAO which have been responsible for kidnappings across border towns near Nigeria. There are many other dangerous destinations on the African continent so travelers should be careful when planning their vacation itinerary to ensure they avoid places with high levels of crime or violence against foreigners visiting these countries.

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